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Geopolymer Solutions

Innovative Approaches to Geopolymer Infrastructure Rehabilitation


Geopolymer is a term originally coined by French researcher Joseph Davidovits to describe a class of ceramic materials formed from aluminosilicates.  Geopolymers have been known to provide enhanced physical performance to traditional cementitious binders but with the added advantages of significantly reduced greenhouse emissions, increased fire and superior chemical resistance.
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Rapidly create a new structural pipe inside the old pipe, with little to no public disruption. This process requires no digging, virtually eliminating traffic delays and associated idling cars and trucks, thereby eliminating as much as 90% of the greenhouse gas emissions.


Milliken Geopolymers delivers the most cost effective, high-performance, eco-friendly infrastructure rehabilitation materials in the marketplace.




A family of cementitious geopolymer mortar products designed for use in rehabilitation of pipes and structures for industry and private use.
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